SUPER 2000 waterrecycler
top technology meets new features

Super 2000

Pure Finish
SCOUT horizon+
WIE – control & DATA-net
high-performance water recycling
+33% volume
compact lightweight construction
high payload
low centre of gravity
stainless steel
permanent high quality
Pure Finish
long-lasting – value-preserving
environmentally friendly
modern camera technology
advanced software
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Sustainability and environmental awareness are increasingly shaping our everyday lives. Global movements are campaigning for a world which will be worth living in for the next hundred years and even longer. The developments in the technology industry provide many answers to current environmental problems. We look back with pride on the past 45 years, in which we have already made an extensive contribution to protecting the environment with our unique water recycling system.

Our flagship, the SUPER 2000, is unbeaten in the field of sewer cleaning with water recycling and has stood for the innovative power of WIEDEMANN for more than four decades. The SUPER 2000 is characterized by a high usable volume through optimal utilization of structural dimensions, a low centre of gravity and, above all, excellent water treatment quality. But even the best product can always be further developed to meet not only today's but also tomorrow's requirements.


It is precisely this look into the future that drives us to combine proven technology with modern developments and processing methods. The result is our new SUPER 2000, which our team presented in week 10 as part of a demonstration tour in northern Germany.

With this vehicle, we have, among other things, raised the surface finish to a new maximum quality standard, the Pure Finish: Elementary components such as containers and reels are made of durable stainless steel and were refined with a special blasting method in order to create permanently durable and visually attractive components . This is supplemented by anodised aluminium add-on parts that are used in the superstructure panelling. From several points of view, the finishing processes represent an enormous step in terms of sustainability:

Through the extensive use of stainless steel and aluminium components, the use of chemicals such as paints and thinners can be reduced to an absolute minimum. This significantly reduces aerosols and residual waste in production. In addition, these factors contribute to the long-term protection of employee health.

The Pure Finish surface treatment also has several advantages for you as a customer. You get a long-lasting vehicle with main components designed for a service life of well over 10-15 years. Stainless steel and aluminium are insensitive to most sewer cleaning materials, making rust and abrasion wear a thing of the past.

The surfaces are also highly resistant to external influences. Even after several years of maximum work, the appearance of the body can be retained in new condition. The SUPER 2000 with Pure Finish will certainly be an eye-catcher in your fleet too!

Another special feature characterizes our new SUPER 2000: the extension of our already well-known seeing and flying camera nozzle, which comes up with extended features under the new name SCOUT.

Our development team has taken on the challenges of daily use of the camera nozzle and has developed new solutions for the system. This resulted in a well-rounded package of modules that are available in three different versions.

Find out more about the new SCOUT systems.

Our SUPER 2000 demo vehicle is equipped with the SCOUT horizon+ system, which offers the most options among the camera systems and also bridges the gap to classic camera inspection.

The basis of the system is the rotary reel, which enables multiple bending at an angle of up to 90°. As a further feature, the system presents itself with a newly developed camera nozzle, digital video transmission and connection using an exchange cable. This means that any necessary replacement of the cable can be carried out on site and work can be continued immediately. The motorized cable drum installed here has a capacity of approx. 300 m, is suitable for connecting nozzle cameras of various sizes and sole cleaners and can be expanded for swivel head cameras and camera trolleys with an adapter connection. The cable is relieved by the independent, motorized unwinding, and if the cable is loose, the unwinding stops fully automatically.

A 12" touch tablet with full HD display serves as the centre of the SCOUT horizon and horizon+ systems. A Windows 10 operating system and sewer detection software are already pre-installed on the powerful hardware and are ready for immediate use. Customer and project data as well as inspections can be created and exported here. The management reports are presented graphically and in tabular form and the data can be made available to the end customer in license-free viewer software. A damage catalogue is optionally available.

User-friendliness and suitability for everyday use were the top priorities during development, so we integrated a tracking system into the SCOUT horizon+, for which a tracking device receiver is also available as an option.

All in all, the new SUPER 2000 combines future-oriented technology with resource-saving processing, durability and user-friendly solutions. We think the vehicle represents another milestone in our product range and our development and production team can be very proud of this achievement.

The equipment presented here is also available for other body types. Please contact us for an individual consultation.

Have we aroused your interest in a vehicle demonstration? Simply make an appointment with our sales team and see for yourself the advantages of the new SUPER 2000 sewer cleaning vehicle.