Tradition and innovation

Milestones of the WIEDEMANN GROUP


WIEDEMANN enviro tec GmbH & Co. KG assumes the operating business of WIEDEMANN & REICHHARDT Maschinen- und Fahrzeugbau GmbH.


The WIEDEMANN & REICHHARDT Maschinen- und Fahrzeugbau GmbH takes over the WIEDEMANN VERTRIEBS GMBH Kanalreinigungsfahrzeuge.
Further expansion at the WIKA Kft. facility with the construction of a third production hall and axpansion of the raw and final assembling.
Establishing the company WIEDEMANN enviro tec GmbH & Co. KG.


Certification under the European environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2009.


Another revolution in the sewer cleaning technology!
The seeing and floating nozzle "SPUTNIK" with rotary reel was developed.


WIKA Kft. acquire another company premises and construct a second production hall and a raw and final assembly production.


Certification under the European Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.


Karl Wiedemann founded the company WIKA Kft., Esztergom in Hungary. This new facility was responsible for part, tank, liquid ring pump and component manufacture.


Anniversary celebration:
"20 years WIEDEMANN & REICHHARDT" celebrated with the launch of the new sewer cleaning vehicle "SUPER 3000" with water recycling technology, integrated sludge separation and a unique new discharge system by auger allowing for emptying of debris into skip at worksite.
In addition, Karl Wiedemann developed his own range of liquid ring vacuum pumps specifically for use on sewer cleaning vehicles.


Carla Wiedemann founded the company WIEDEMANN VERTRIEBS GMBH Kanalreinigungsfahrzeuge.


Expansion of the premises with the addition of two new production facilities and a new office building.


Relocated the company to own premises in Altenmünster.


First foreign order from the city of Larissa / Greece for a sewer cleaning vehicle with water recycling "SUPER 2000".


Exhibition "ENTSORGA" in Köln. A new age of sewer cleaning technology begins - other manufacturers begin to get into the water recycling technology.
First municipal major order.

06. July 1978

Karl Wiedemann and Rainer Reichhardt established WIEDEMANN & REICHHARDT Maschinen- und Fahrzeugbau GmbH.

Springtime 1978

First environmental exhibition "IFAT" in Munich.


First complete product launched:
The world's first sewer cleaning vehicle with water recycling "SUPER 2000" was launched.
The first customer was a service company based in Augsburg - they bought the prototype.
First environmental fair in Berlin, introduction of water recycling technology and sale of a further "SUPER 2000".


Expansion of the company through the participation of Rainer Reichhardt as shareholder.
Carla Wiedemann joined the company and took responsibility for the commercial management of the business.


Karl Wiedemann founded an independent company based on a farm in Welden, this company was active in the environmental technology.
Rainer Reichhardt began working for the company at this time.