Boom mounted high pressure hose reel

(patent - DP 44 17 126.9/25)

Through this method, both the high pressure and the suction hoses are introduced together in the sewer

Technical details:
  • Mounted on the hydraulic movable boom
  • Hydraulically extendable up to 1200 mm (other configurations available)
  • The boom moves the reel around the working area
  • Both the high pressure and the suction hoses are released from the armature to the channel
  • Designed for 220m DN 25 or 180m DN 32. (Other configurations available)
  • Hydraulic drive
  • An additional pressure relief valve as reel brake
  • Galvanized pressure lines and connections in DN 32
  • Reel rotation is electronically controlled by the control panel and/or the remote control
  • The "control panel" and/or the "remote control" control a pneumatic solenoid which controls an oil flow regulator resulting in infinitely variable reel speeds



High pressure reel swivels 180° and expands 1.200 mm appropriately (patent)
- Obstacles are no problem -


Tandem High Pressure Hose Reel

The tandem high pressure hose reel is used in large sewers cleaning, with an output of 600 ltr/min. Supports also larger commercial textile hoses such as:
(DN 25, DN 32; DN 38) which produces larger amounts of water.

Technical details:

In single mode, both the direction of rotation and the rotational speed of both reels are separately controlled.
The automatic torque distribution adapts to different hose frictions as well as different reel diameters.

Possible applications:
The tandem reel allows that the high pressure hose to be fed with 1 or 2 high pressure pumps, such as the following:

  • 1 High pressure pump, 300 ltr./min, 1 high pressure hose DN 25, small nozzle
  • 1 High pressure pump, 400 ltr./min, 1 high pressure hose DN 32, medium nozzle
  • 2 High pressure pumps, 700 ltr./min, 2 high pressure hoses DN 25 + 32, large nozzle


  • Commercial textile hoses with diameters of DN 25, DN 32 and DN 38 can be used
  • Available hoses are steel reinforced and covering a range of 150bar to 200bar (great flexibility)
  • It is possible to install different sized hoses (DN 25, DN 32), as the single mode synchronizes the different operations
  • Standard sized pressure hoses are mass produced and are therefore pricewise more affordable than hoses starting from DN 40


Sample images tandem high pressure hose reel and control panel.