Suction vehicles

Sewer and sludge suction vehicles for dirt and residue suction from dumps and sewers

Suction vehicle for gully-cleaning

Suction vehicle with tipping device

Suction vehicle "Vario S"
Discharging by hydraulic piston

Suction Vehicle NON-STOP 3000

with auger discharge



Sludge tank:

  • polygonal (pear shaped) made of stainless steel


Water Separation system:

  • Continous separation of dirt and water during suction
  • Filter adjusts height automatically (self-cleaning filter)
  • Discharging the recycled water into the manhole
  • The water separation system corresponds to our sewer cleaning vehicle the SUPER 3000



  • The tank is tilted towards the front and discharged by means of an auger through a discharging pipe
  • The discharging pipe has its own hydraulic drive and swivels upwards
  • Dischraging in a container on the spot


Liquid Ring Pump KW 3000:

  • Volumetric flow rate 3000 m³/h
    (circuit losses are not taken into considerations)