Suction hose reel

  • By pushing a button, the suction hose descends through the manhole into the sewer canal
  • Towing and coupling eliminates the efforts wasted on carrying the hose
  • Easier and faster sewer cleaning operation from one manhole to the next
  • Allows a one man operator sewer cleaning operation



The suction hose reel is placed horizontally over the top of the tank. Through this arrangement vaccum suction may always occur regardless of the remaining hose length in the reel. The reel is turned by means of a hydraulic drive and a pneumatic brake.

Suction Hose Reel technical details

The suction hose reel is equipped with:
  • up to 35m long suction hose DN   80
  • up to 30m long suction hose DN 100
  • up to 25m long suction hose DN 125
  • up to 20m long suction hose DN 150
The suction hose reel is controlled by means of a central control panel.
The central control panel is movable for all suction, flushing and reel drive operations.
Suction hose reel with 1200 mm telescoping hydraulic boom, swiveling (180°) and pneumatic disc brake.