for emptying and cleaning of gullies

A compact unit built on a sweeper or a suction vehicle. Driving, turning, braking and operating are done in the front operating platform through on person. (One man operation)
The operating platform is mounted in front of the vehicle and can extend sideways (right) up to 2500 mm (left sideways extension also available for one way streets)
Platform extends by means of Electro-Hydraulic drives
Driving the vehicle using the platform meets the driving law regulations


Means of Operation:

  • A hydraulic lifting device removes the gully cover
  • The grabbing arm picks the cover and with a 90° rotation the cover is secured firmly
  • The cover is then lifted automatically and then manually swung away
  • The suction is done by the means of a size DN 125 suction hose (height adjusted and telescoping)
  • The negative pressure is created by a sweeper blower or by a vacuum device
  • The splashed sludge can be cleaned by a small high pressure pistol


  • Compact built sweeper blower or suction vehicle unit
  • Driven and operated by one person (one man operation)
  • Safe front operating platform
  • Operating directly even between parked cars
  • Street sweeping operations can be done between one gully and the next (Combi)
  • Sweeping and gully cleaning can only be done in operation route