September 2018

Award of the Silver Badge of Honour

In a festive setting, the Augsburg Chamber of Crafts invited to the closing ceremony of the Swabian performance competition on September 25, 2018, honouring the 56 Swabian chamber winners in their individual professional fields. Our former trainee Sebastian Schwalm has also been honoured as the best graduate in the Swabian area for the specialization in metalworking commercial vehicles.

In his laudation, the chairman of the Chamber of Crafts particularly emphasized the importance of the craft today and especially praised the commitment of the trainers to their junior staff.

In this context, our company itself was honoured for its outstanding performance as a training company. During our company's history our trainees have already achieved the best results in Swabian and nationwide performance tests several times. With already three chamber winners, Mr. Karl Wiedemann, on behalf of our company, received the silver badge of honour for German craftsmanship and was thus honoured for his services to the best-qualified apprentices.

We are particularly pleased with this award from the Chamber of Crafts in Augsburg and it shows the great commitment of the specialist training managers, for which we would like to express a THANK YOU at this point.