The WIEDEMANN GROUP consists of independent companies that are connected through the WIEDEMANN family of entrepreneurs. The roots go back to the founding year of 1974, when Karl Wiedemann became self-employed and gradually built up the corporate development of the WIEDEMANN company together with his wife Carla and his friend and former colleague Rainer Reichhardt. Today, more than 200 employees work for the companies of the WIEDEMANN GROUPS and are committed to locations in Germany and Hungary with their high level of competence for customer satisfaction. In doing so, WIEDEMANN, in cooperation with the GROUP partners, relies on consistent innovation, the exchange of knowledge and experience and an exceptionally high level of vertical integration, as well as on the professional qualifications of employees through training and further education right from the start. The best in the guild and winners in state and national competitions have already been produced several times. Members of the WIEDEMANN GROUP have already been awarded several times as the best training companies and Karl Wiedemann for his special services to the training in 2018 with the Silver badge of honour and in 2021 with the Golden master craftsman certificate awarded by the Swabian Chamber of Crafts.

The family history of the company is also being continued in the second generation with Stefanie Wiedemann, as the daughter of the company founders. WIEDEMANN remains true to its family tradition, is a reliable partner for its customers and will continue to rely on TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION for the sake of the environment in the future!