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A technology that conquered the world:

The world's first water recycling system for sewer cleaning technology was developed in 1977 by Karl Wiedemann. The challenge has been the various substances in the wastewater in different quantities and consistencies, such as faeces, food residues, fats, minerals and cellulose. Karl Wiedemann quickly realized that filter systems are unsuitable for sewer cleaning vehicles, as they quickly become clogged, which results in high maintenance costs and frequent work interruptions. He therefore relied on a filterless system and was successful! The solution was physical water purification through sedimentation and centrifugal separation (cyclone systems). This solved all the problems at once.

FAQ about our water recycling system

Decades of experience and sophisticated technology based on physical cleaning ensure that sewer water is treated to the highest quality in order to achieve the same flushing effectiveness as when working with fresh water.

At the same time, the pumps are protected, because with the WIEDEMANN water recycling system, the components are not subject to greater wear than when fresh water is used.

Our system is filterless.

The reason:

Besides mineral substances the wastewater also contains faeces, food residues, fats and cellulose. These would clog a filter, which would result in high maintenance costs and frequent work interruptions.

Therefore, we found the solution with physical water purification. Coarse materials are retained in the sludge container by a coarse separation wall, followed by the recovery process, which consists of several cleaning stages, using cyclone separators and multiple sedimentation.

For the environment:
  • save up to 100% of the daily fresh water volume
  • emission reduction by eliminating trips to the filling station
  • by using WIEDEMANN liquid ring pumps, it is possible to work in winter without antifreeze, as no separate service water chamber is required
For the operators:
  • no need to drive to the water supply point thus saving fuel and time
  • continuous work without water refill – up to 4 times more work performance
  • can also be used in freezing temperatures, as sewer water is used

There are none.

Our system has excellent water treatment quality.

Extensive developments and years of experience confirm that neither the high-pressure pump nor other parts of the high-pressure system show more wear than while using fresh water.


The water flow is fully automatic and continuously self-cleaning. The particles separated from the water in the cyclone systems are automatically transported back into the sludge tank. Additionally with the 2-tank system the sediment that separates in the individual chambers of the water tank can simply be drained or sucked into the sludge tank . Additional cleaning processes of the recycling system are not required.

The daily effort for controls and emptying takes approx. 5-15 minutes.

Sewer cleaning vehicles with water recycling in 1-Tank and 2-Tank Systems.

Find out more about our vehicles.

The quality of the recycled water corresponds to that of fresh water. Without a detectable grain size, it is ideally suited for operating high-pressure and vacuum pumps, since there is no higher wear than when operating with fresh water.

The water recycling system treats up to 4 times the volume required by the high-pressure pump. This ensures continuous operation with 4 times security.

The WIEDEMANN water recycling system does not have a filter and is therefore ideally suited for work in difficult operating conditions.

The filter-free technology is not prone to clogging.

Due to its good water quality, the recycling water is suitable for WIEDEMANN liquid ring pumps, so there is no need for a separate operational water chamber.

This has several advantages: weight savings, no cooling systems required, no need to use coolant in winter operation.

Waterrecycling by WIEDEMANN (German OV)
Waterrecycling - physical basis (German OV)