Emptying by tipping
  • tipping of the sludge tank
  • tipping angle approx. 45°
  • hydraulically regulatable, controlled and safe
  • emptying: quick, easy and complete
  • ideal for sludge, sand and sewer deposits
  • best sliding properties in connection with stainless steel tanks
  • optionally with easy-cleaning for automatic tank cleaning (included at recyclers)
  • no loss of volume in the sludge tank
  • weight savings for more payload than piston vehicles
  • good accessibility to the units for assembly and maintenance work
  • low centre of gravity when driving and tipping: separate water tank, toolbox, cloths locker and equipment cabinets connected directly to the frame
Emptying by auger
  • Emptying by an auger into a standard container directly at the place of use
  • no driving times to the landfill, thus saving time and fuel
  • shorter interruptions when emptying
  • heavily drained debris and optional separation and return of the organic components to the sewer reduce the disposal volume 

Hydraulic piston
  • variable continuous adjustment
  • can be driven to the end of the tank, as no end stops are required – thus complete emptying
  • smooth and controlled piston movement through hydraulic operation
  • can be stopped at any time, no risk of accidents, for maximum safety in piston operation
  • special piston seal for optimal sliding properties (patented)

Pneumatic piston
  • variable division of the tank in predefined positions
  • tested end stoppers against uncontrolled breaking
  • special piston seal for optimal sliding properties (patented)