HP-hose reels

  • HP reels available up to a hose capacity up to approx. 300 m DN 32 or 500 m DN 25

at the boom

  • the boom carries along the high-pressure reel while swivelling
  • all hoses directly at the workplace
  • clearly visible working position
  • comfortable passage height
  • short wheelbase, small turning circle

between drivers cabin and sludge tank

  • short overhang, generous headroom at the rear of the vehicle
  • ideally suited in combination with booms with a large working area (e.g. SPACER front)


  • two jetting reels which can be operated separately, simultaneously or synchronously
  • mounted at the boom
  • designed for 180 m DN 25 (1") or 160 m DN 32 (1 1/4") each or combinable
  • ideally suited for two HP-pumps

on top of the tank

  • in combination with SPECTRO 360° boom
  • suction hose and HP reel arranged on the top of the tank in the centre of gravity of the vehicle
  • optimal weight distribution, short wheelbase, small turning circle
  • flat, compact design

Additional reel to be attached to the underride guard

  • designed for approx. 300 m DN 38 (1 1/2")
  • for extra-long ranges
  • with hose guide, pressure roller, drive and hydraulic connector
  • Reel rotation direction electrohydraulically controlled by control panel/radio remote control

Transport reels for suction hoses

  • operation by hydraulic motor with multi-disc-brake
  • only a transportation reel, no suction can be done through this reel
    (suction through the reel on request)

on the side of the vehicle

  • designed for approx. 30 m suction hose DN 75 (3”)

at the boom

  • designed for approx. 15-20 m suction hose DN 75 (3”)

on top of the tank

  • arranged horizontally under the suction hose reel
  • designed for approx. 30 m suction hose DN 75 (3”)

Tool cabinets

with flaps

  • for one-tank system with a flap, optionally with a hose tray above
  • for two-tank system with two flaps on top of each other
  • made of aluminium
  • With covered gas springs to be fixed in an opened position, lockable

with roller shutters

  • with one or two side by side positioned and lockable roller shutter doors on each side
  • available for one- and two-tank-system

Clothes lockers

  • with lighting
  • foldable clothes rail
  • ventilation
  • drainage

in pump room / behind pump room doors

  • optionally with heating

integrated in the vehicle contour

  • arranged at the rear of the vehicle in a low position
  • with heating


  • suitable for one-tank-system
  • high version pulled down between the axles
  • with roller shutter
  • with heating

Further information on additional equipment for work safety, control units and lighting is available on request.