At WIEDEMANN we have focused for over 45 years on technology and innovation for the sake of the environment!

This credo forms the foundation for our production and development and is more relevant today than ever.

As the inventor and pioneer of water recycling technology in the sewer cleaning field, Karl Wiedemann had already made the unthinkable possible in 1977. This started a worldwide revolution in sewer cleaning technology and continues to have an impact today. This caused a quantum leap in technology and led to many other developments. With his high level of innovation and 87 patents he has brought an extraordinary technical and entrepreneurial success story to life.

Often copied but never reached, the WATER RECYCLING ORIGINAL from WIEDEMANN!

Our products set standards.

See yourself!

Some of the WIEDEMANN inventions are now, as a matter of course, indispensable in the market and seem almost banal because their ingenuity is based on simplicity and logic, for example the suction hose reel. It´s a unique feature of WIEDEMANN vehicles that was visible for many years and can still be found today as a brand identifier in the LOGOS of all the companies in the WIEDEMANN GROUP .

With this innovative drive, we are still the technology leader in sewer cleaning with water recycling and always develop based on your requirements as a customer. Our key criteria are environmental protection, saving of resources, user-friendliness and occupational safety while at the same time offering the highest performance and greatest economic efficiency – this is what we stand for with our name.

As a medium-sized owner-managed family business, we continue the WIEDEMANN tradition as a success story in the 2nd generation. We are part of the WIEDEMANN Group with over 200 employees who work every day with their high professional qualifications and their enthusiasm for technology and service. They are there for you as our customers worldwide.

We create customized products from practice for practice.

WIEDEMANN can do more – always be one step ahead with us in sewer cleaning technology!

That distinguishes WIEDEMANN customers.

Sie wollen das Beste für Ihre Dienstleistung? Dann sind Sie bei uns richtig. Wir schöpfen die Grenzen des Machbaren aus. Weltweit schätzen uns dafür unsere Partner und Anwender.

WIEDEMANN  – die smarteren Lösungen für Sie!


IFAT 2024

Auch dieses Jahr sind wir wieder auf der IFAT als Aussteller vertreten und heißen Sie auf unserem Stand (FM.713/2) im VAK-Pavillon herzlich willkommen. 

Bei der VAK „Truck in Action Show“ können Sie unsere Fahrzeuge hautnah erleben – und damit den Einsatz modernster Technik live erleben.

Auf unserem Messestand informieren wir Sie ausführlich über alle Arbeitsprozesse und -abläufe unserer Fahrzeuge und Aufbauten sowie über neueste Technologien und Innovationen.

Wir freuen uns jetzt schon auf Ihr Kommen.


Mit großer Euphorie sind wir dieses Jahr in die RO-KA-TECH 2023 gestartet. Gleich zwei Weltneuheiten, weitere Highlights und innovative technische Lösungen, eröffneten ein neues Spektrum in der Kanalreinigung: der Super 2000 e-tec – das erste voll-elektrische Kanalreinigungsfahrzeug mit Wasserrecycling und der ECO CAT Cityline, das kleinste Kanalreinigungsfahrzeug mit Wasserrecycling.


Our vehicles at work