Our customers are national and international private and municipal service providers who appreciate our vehicles primarily because of their innovative, environmentally friendly and economical technology.

Our vehicles at work

Helbok GmbH, Austria
NEW AG, Mönchengladbach
What our customers say about us

Sewer cleaning vehicles from Wiedemann have been with me since 1977. The intensive cooperation over the past few decades has resulted in many innovations for the industry, which I was then able to convey to customers around the world in a practice-oriented manner in training courses and demonstrations.


Our Super 1000 – a great Wiedemann idea. A real universal tool that simply works!

Ideal for our constantly changing operations, therefore the right decision when choosing a vehicle!


My experiences with Wiedemann have been consistently positive: Not only are the competent advice and excellent service convincing, but the vehicle I ordered also testifies to innovation at the highest level. It is my daily tool that is fun to work with.