TRADITION meets TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION for the sake of the environment! This is what the name WIEDEMANN has stood for over 45 years.

Since 2015, WIEDEMANN enviro tec has been a member of the WIEDEMANN GROUP and continues the tradition of the family-lead company in its second generation. Internationally oriented, the company is characterized by its high level of flexibility, experience and customer orientation. WIEDEMANN enviro tec stands for modern, tailor-made and user-friendly products. With our extraordinarily powerful and innovative solutions, we set standards worldwide and are valued by our users every day in practical use.

For us as a manufacturer of commercial vehicle superstructures for municipal and environmental technology with a focus on water recycling, the subject of water is the central element.

As the inventor and pioneer of water recycling technology for sewer cleaning, water as a resource was the focus of the company founders of WIEDEMANN right from the start and thus connects the company with its hometown of Augsburg that, becuase of its historical water management system, which is unique in the world has been a UNESCO World Heritage since 2019.

The beginning of modern water technology more than 700 years ago has the longest tradition in Europe here.

The medieval Augsburg water system dates back to the year 1276 and was a model for the development of water supply and the use of hydroelectric power. It was from here that the art of engineering began its journey to success throughout the world. As probably the first city ever, Augsburg separated drinking water and process water since at least the year1545.

Beautiful fountains, water towers, rivers, streams, a multitude of canals and more bridges than in Venice show a water-rich and rich city due to water.

This special relationship with water also inspired the company founders of the WIEDEMANN company to dare the impossible back in 1977 and to develop the world's first water recycling system for sewer cleaning technology.

With this masterpiece, a unique vision became reality, which is all about the Augsburg water tradition.

Since then, the name WIEDEMANN has stood for an international success story as a technology leader in sewer cleaning technology with water recycling. With over 80 patents and developments and an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience, WIEDEMANN has heralded a new technical age and made a significant contribution to the further development of sewer cleaning technology worldwide.


What does our logo mean?


The WIEDEMANN LOGO, the stylized Suction hose reel, embodies the ingenuity of their invention, which was based on simplicity and logic and is thus representative of the spirit of the WIEDEMANN company – simple, logical, ingenious – back then like today!

The development goes back to the year 1980.



In honour of Augsburg´s historic water management as a UNESCO World Heritage, we have designed a limited-edition water bottle and design mug with motifs of the traditional Augsburg water system and our SUPER 2000 WATER RECYCLER in the midst of the city's historic landmarks!