October 2021

Road-Show – we're on tour again!

In week 37, our new SUPER 1000 demo truck with the 270° SPACER boom and the seeing and flying camera nozzle was on the road in northern Germany and showed off what it´s capable of.
We visited 7 companies in Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and inspired customers and interested parties.
An unplanned highlight:
On the second day of the demonstration, a call for help came:
During a flushing process, the flushing hose of a sewer cleaning vehicle got stuck in the sewer and the operator's team had been trying to free the hose for several hours. The operators actually wanted to cancel the planned demonstration because of this, but our team had a better idea:
They rushed to help with the SUPER 1000 and assessed the situation. The problem area was quickly detected with our sole cleaner with SCOUT camera: the canal was completely clogged with deposits in which the nozzle of the canal cleaner had become lodged. With the help of the sole cleaner, the SUPER 1000 was able to free the hose and nozzle after two more rinse cycles. Nobody expected such a quick success. The entire team was relieved and thankful for the professional help.
This great and successful practical application was possible thanks to our advanced and powerful technology.
The next tour in southern Germany was already on the agenda for week 39. For two days, our Super 1000 visited stations in the Deggendorf district, Altötting, Seebruck am Chiemsee, Bad Reichenhall and Munich. On the second day, even the constant rain couldn't dampen the interest in our vehicle. In addition to the demonstrations, the WIEDEMANN team was able to hold valuable technical discussions with many interested parties. Everywhere the SUPER 1000 was praised for its great design, the generous lockers and storage spaces, its performance, flexible use and enormous boom working area. A product that has convinced the users on site!
If you would like to take part in one of our demonstrations, simply contact us, we will be happy to keep you informed about planned tours! You can send inquiries to vertrieb@wieviro.de.