What distinguishes the original?

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A technology that conquered the world:

The world's first water recycling system for sewer cleaning technology was developed in 1977 by Karl Wiedemann. The challenge has been the various substances in the wastewater in different quantities and consistencies, such as faeces, food residues, fats, minerals and cellulose. Karl Wiedemann quickly realized that filter systems are unsuitable for sewer cleaning vehicles, as they quickly become clogged, which results in high maintenance costs and frequent work interruptions. He therefore relied on a filterless system and was successful! The solution was physical water purification through sedimentation and centrifugal separation (cyclone systems). This solved all the problems at once.

A large base area is required for successful sedimentation. Though this was not to be found in the cylindrical tank of a classic sewer cleaning vehicle.

Quickly, he turned the entire vehicle concept known at the time upside down and invented the 2-Tank System. Here, for the first time, two completely separate tanks were set up. From then on, the well-known cylindrical tank was only used as a sludge tank. A new box-shaped water tank was added, stable on the support frame and filling the maximum available base area of the chassis. This resulted in a huge sedimentation area with a continuous even tank base. Divided into a multi-chamber system, this type of sedimentation still represents an essential guarantee for the outstanding WIEDEMANN recycling water quality, which is unique on the market and does not show any greater wear than with freshwater operation for the usability of the high-pressure pump. The sludge tank found its place in a hollow (U-shaped recess) on the top of the water tank and nestles into the contour. The 2-Tank System developed by Karl Wiedemann has 33% more usable volume with the same vehicle dimensions. To put it another way, if you want a vehicle that is as low or as short as possible, you cannot go without getting a 2-Tank System.

Water recycling vehicles from WIEDEMANN are technically real recyclers and not just combined vehicles with attached filter and cyclone systems. This is clearly noticeable in their performance.

To this day, this form of water recycling is the unchallenged leader in terms of water quality and efficiency, as well as in the amount of provided recycled water.

Karl Wiedemann was way ahead of his time and created a valuable treasure for sewer cleaning technology with 87 patents and his enormous power of innovation, which he still has to this day. Water recycling technology was the start. He made the unthinkable possible: sewer cleaning with the wastewater that was already there. A thought that has also occupied many minds before him and has found many imitators to this day. But the knowledge and experience are only in the head of the inventor.

No other topic has changed our industry as much as the invention of water recycling technology. This started a revolution in sewer cleaning worldwide and continues to have an impact today. This triggered a quantum leap in technology and led to many other developments. Some of them have, as a matter of course, conquered the market today, are indispensable and seem almost banal because their ingenuity is based on simplicity and logic. For example, the suction hose reel, a unique selling point for WIEDEMANN vehicles that was visible for many years and can still be found as a trademark in our WIEDEMANN LOGO.

Often copied but never reached, the WATER RECYCLING ORIGINAL from WIEDEMANN!

Karl Wiedemann passed on his knowledge and experience to us. The research and development team at Wiedemann is proud to be able to build on this with further innovative solutions and to create our products from practice for practice for you. Always be one step ahead with us in sewer cleaning technology. That distinguishes WIEDEMANN customers. You want the best for your service. Then you are right to go with us. We exhaust the limits of what is feasible. Users all over the world value us for this.

Solutions that make the impossible possible, like the ground-breaking inventions of Karl Wiedemann as a pioneer of water recycling. For years, WIEDEMANN has also been offering water recycling systems in a 1-Tank System for vehicles with variable purposes. But here, too, WIEDEMANN did not want to make any compromises at the expense of the water quality. The sedimentation disadvantages caused by the construction do not have a negative effect on the water quality with the WIEDEMANN system. WIEDEMANN has succeeded in squaring the circle here. With a stroke of genius, WIEDEMANN implemented effective and controllable sedimentation. Different flow zones have been developed that accelerate or decelerate the medium in the areas provided for this purpose. This is what makes the WIEDEMANN 1-Tank water recycler unique and ingenious. With its completely sealable water recycling system, it is the all-rounder among the recyclers that can be used quickly and easily for all kinds of work without any effort.

With this innovative drive, we are still the technology leader in sewer cleaning with water recycling and always develop based on your requirements as a customer. Our key criteria environmental protection, resource conservation, user-friendliness and work safety combined with great economic efficiency have top priority in developments by WIEDEMANN and are consistently implemented in our products.